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In fact, if the functional relationship between the two quantities being graphed is known to within additive or multiplicative constants, it is common practice to transform the data in such a way that the resulting line is a straight line, say by plotting vs. in the case of analyzing the period of a pendulum as a function of its length .

For this reason, standard forms for exponential, logarithmic, and power laws are often explicitly computed. 3 in An Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation.

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Repeated execution of a set of statements is called iteration.

Because iteration is so common, Python provides several language features to make it easier.

The linear least-squares problem occurs in statistical regression analysis; it has a closed-form solution.

The non-linear problem is usually solved by iterative refinement; at each iteration the system is approximated by a linear one, and thus the core calculation is similar in both cases.

A good learning algorithm should provide an estimator with a small risk.

As the joint distribution , this approach defines a general class of algorithms named Tikhonov regularization.In any case, for a reasonable number of noisy data points, the difference between vertical and perpendicular fits is quite small. The linear least squares fitting technique is the simplest and most commonly applied form of linear regression and provides a solution to the problem of finding the best fitting straight line through a set of points. The first feature we are going to look at is the The body consists of all of the statements below the header with the same indentation.This type of flow is called a loop because the third step loops back around to the top.The method of least squares is a standard approach in regression analysis to the approximate solution of overdetermined systems, i.e., sets of equations in which there are more equations than unknowns.

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