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If screaming at the top of your lungs could change in the world, the 18,000 students at the 2010 We Day in Vancouver Friday could collectively end global warming, AIDS and poverty, all in one shrieking go.

The second annual youth event, held at Rogers Arena, drew some of the most influential and prominent social activists of our time, including former U. vice-president Al Gore, civil rights leader and politician Reverend Jesse Jackson and Golden Globe-winning actor and activist Martin Sheen.

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Their hope is that the students, who volunteered for social projects and did fundraising to attend this year, will leave the event with inspiration and passion to make a difference and the tools to make this change a reality. has to be very proud of its sons and daughters because what they've achieved for those schools is truly remarkable," Craig Kielburger told

Many this year will commit to Free the Children's We Schools in Action program, pledging to take one local and one global action within the school year. Kielburger, an Order of Canada winner, says when he founded Feed the Children at age 12 he was constantly told by his teachers he was too young and too naive to make a difference.

I want to see Vancouver BC as an upcoming city of GTA.

Imagine causing havoc on Granville, running Hastings, and driving 200 over the Port Mann bridge in a chromed out Bugatti.

But the fact he has gone public about the disease and decided to travel across Canada to sing and dance on stage with his four band mates is incomprehensible. By the Vancouver shows, during certain songs and specific lyrics, Downie began physically pointing to himself as if to say: But if acceptance is one characteristic Downie is demonstrating in his "marathon of hope," so too is transparency. ” I was on the floor with my daughter, 5th row in seats 1 and 2. But like Terry Fox, he is out there, singing and dancing a new "marathon of hope" across this country he so dearly loves. Soon I heard "Fully Completely" for the first time.

When introducing "At the Lonely End of the Rink," a song about being a hockey goalie as a youngster and how his father would sit near him during games, Downie said, "This one's for my dad. Shit happens." It might have been his first step during this tour of publicly accepting his own eventual fate. He didn't have to raise awareness for glioblastoma, the rare form of brain cancer he has been saddled with. There came a time when I hit a strong signal along with a strong likelihood of this being just the type of station I was looking for. Nervous tension was evident early on during the show. Perhaps due to the shiny metallic suits he adorned, Downie loosened up and began to reflect. Once during a trip through Michigan in the early 90's I engaged in my frequent practice of scanning through the lower frequencies of the FM dial in hopes of finding a college radio station since they were (are) often at the cutting edge of contemporary music. I am noticing something rather unique with Downie's stage presence. These are the traits I have picked up on with Downie's new "marathon of hope." The tour started in Victoria. It looks as if you are running an old browser version.We recommend that you perform an upgrade to receive the best experience from our site. Click one of the buttons below to quickly run an update and then you will be boating in no time.Rockstar Vancouver was merged to Rockstar Toronto in July 2012."In a brain storming session it was decided that our studio should have a name that reflects what we are all about -- non-corporate, non-pretentious, and devoted to a fun work environment where we can all make fun products.

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